Importance of Legal Research
A very common question asked or questioned among the law aspirants or students is : What is the importance of Legal Research in a Life of a law student ? Many have answered or solved their query related to this question, but even the slightest difference in every opinion holds its own importance. Whether you have just stepped into a Law School or are about to step out of a Law school, Legal Research is an integral part of your Law career, irrespective of what legal field you are planning to go for. Irrespective of which year you are in a law school, You must have heard people around you saying ,You need to have effective public speaking skills, you need to have good drafting skills ,and you must also have a knowledge of critical analysis skills . But most of the time the emphasis on Researching skills is neglected, although there is a great importance of writing a “Research Paper “which most of the time results in a failure as students don’t have the adequate Researching skills. Secondly, Researching skills is a basic level of education to start from to imbibe your Legal Personality, it will make you shine in your law school, whether in terms of Debate, Moots and all other related activities in a Life of a law student, if you have the adequate and correct information or data about the particular topic, then definitely you will do good and by the end of your research you will have immense knowledge about that particular topic which will help you in your future. Legal Research is in itself a skill, which need to be recognized as a fundamental skill, and students are required to master upon these skills in order to know the correct and proper utilization of the collected data. “ Professor Kris Franklin" emphasizes that understanding how legal authorities are most effectively deployed to build legal arguments requires mastery of all the most fundamental components of legal reasoning, reading sources of law meticulously, interpreting them critically, and applying them strategically. Once your law school comes to an end, Legal Research when done in a right way will help you to harness information in defense of a client, practice skills of Counselling, Negotiation, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. It is like a “necessary study “ to imbibe upon . Lawyers can neither learn nor practice law without the ability to perform legal research. Therefore, coming to the conclusion that law schools should work upon and encourage students to build the Legal Research trait among the students . Refusing to imbibe as an n important aspect of your Law career will definitely leave students confused and helpless against the tide of information available upon.   This Article is Written by , A Student of Lloyd Law College, Noida and Member of Our Content Team.

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